Food and Restaurants in Singapore


Look out New York City, San Francisco, Paris and Tokyo – there’s a new city that’s dominating the food and restaurant industries in the global market. Make room on your list and in your belly for the amazing foods you will find in Singapore.

Because it is so diverse, full of Malaysian, Chinese, Indian, and Middle Eastern cultures, as well as British influence from its colonial days, the food in Singapore is a blend of some of the best foods in the world. The top restaurants and food in Singapore really take the best elements of all of the cultures presented and combine it into its own unique dishes that will leave your taste-buds craving for more.


Within the same block, you can find world class dining restaurants, with little bustling Thai noodle shops, and an authentic mom and pop Chinese restaurant. Because of the large influx of Asian immigrants from all over the continent, you will find all kinds of traditional food that will taste authentic, as if you are in that country itself, instead of modern Singapore.


rubarbsingaporeSingapore has some of the best street foods, and was in fact named the Best Street Food City in 2013. But get the typical street food image out of your head; this stuff is excellent! And safe! I want to thank Ken and Cheryl Koop who own one of the best roofing companies in Tyler Tx. for their amazing research they did on these fine places to dine!!

Unlike other countries with heavy street food industries, Singapore differs in that its dishes are generally 100% safe to consume and are handled properly, without contaminants and parasites. The food you can find on the street can be just as good, if not better, than a meal you can spend $400 on. So pull up your plastic chair to the table and dig in!


Some of the most common dishes you’ll find are sweet and sour pork, curry chicken and braised tofu, served with a side of rice, naturally, and some steamed vegetables. This is one of the most popular meals that Singaporeans make at home for themselves, and can be found on the street as well at incredibly affordable prices.


But it doesn’t end there; you can find tons of creative dishes with ingredients you’ve never heard of in your life. From crab, to lobster, and other seafood inspired dishes; to frogs legs and mystery meat; to a classic bowl of pho from an authentic Vietnamese recipe. Singapore has it all.


But, if you’re a bit too sophisticated for street food, of course some great options exist when you want to dress up and go out. According to Tripadvisor, the best restaurants of 2016 are:

Fratini de Lattoria



MTR Restaurant


Check out the reviews for some of these places; it seems to be absolutely amazing. Those are just five of the top restaurants. I’m sure there are loads more out there just waiting to be tried out. So go ahead and explore the local cuisine in Singapore. Trust me, your tastebuds will thank you!